Species - Complete Score - Christopher Young

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Premiere CD release of intense Christopher Young soundtrack for Roger Donaldson blockbuster sci-fi/horror movie with Ben Kingsley, Natasha Henstridge. Young anchors with soothing tonal theme for strings, then unleashes orchestral assault of intense violence, cerebral chaos. One of composer's all-time most impressive works with masterful display of orchestration both delicate, powerful. Young fashions full 56-minute orchestral score into 15 generous tracks for best listening experience, then offers remaining electronic sequences used in mid-portion of movie as 10-minute bonus suite. Intrada CD presented directly from digital stereo session masters for dynamic audio experience! Pete Anthony conducts Hollywood Studio Symphony ( SOLD OUT!)
Track Listing
Orchestral Score
01. Species 3:38
02. A Vibrant Slime 3:29
03. Protostar 2:52
04. Ring Nebula 5:28
05. Fever 2:27
06. Are You Out There Somewhere? 5:17
07. Species Feces 4:24
08. Bax Max 3:40
09. Milky Way Breasts 4:52
10. Safe Sex 2:32
11. FeverÕs Fever 3:40
12. The Alien Underground 3:57
13. Worm Hole 2:20
14. Son Of Sil 1:50
15. Star Bright 5:01
Orchestral Score Time: 56:17

Bonus Synthesizer Tracks
16. Aetherian Universe 4:30
17. How To Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction 3:07
18. Angel Hair 3:06
Bonus Track Time: 10:45