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Spasmo - Expanded Score - Ennio Morricone

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For "Spasmo" directed in 1974 by Umberto Lenzi, Må¡ Morricone has created a score full of tension based on dissonant music of contemporary art, mixing the orchestra with electronic sounds (tr.3, tr.6, tr.9, tr.12) to describe all the macabre and disquiet side of the plot. This terror atmosphere is broken by two recurrent main themes. The first is called "Bambole", a slow motif for orchestra and choir with Pop flavour introduced in the opening titles (tr.1), reprised first in a choir-less version (tr.4), then in a slower take played by liturgical organ with an echo effect on the guitar in the background (tr.7). After a slightly different orchestration of this particular motif (tr.10) the CD ends with a take used for the Finale (tr.13) with an arrangement similar to the opening titles. The other main theme called "Spasmo" is a sacred and solemn adagio that Ennio Morricone varies in the score from an orchestral version (tr.2) to one using liturgical organ (tr.5, tr.11) and to a madrigal style version using voices (tr.8). For this definitive edition we used the stereo master tapes of the original recording session preserved in the RCA vaults
Track Listing
1. BAMBOLE 2:56
2. SPASMO 1:56
4. BAMBOLE (#2 Ð single version) 2:20
5. SPASMO (#2) :59
6. STRESS INFINITO (#2) 6:24
7. BAMBOLE (#3) 2:29
8. SPASMO (#3) 1:55
9. STRESS INFINITO (#3) 7:55
10. BAMBOLE (#4) 2:56
11. SPASMO (#4) 1:03
12. STRESS INFINITO (#4)1:46
13. BAMBOLE (#5) 2:08