Spasmo - Complete Score - (X-Ray Vinyl) - Limited 500 Copies - Ennio Morricone

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The vinyl is transparent, and so is the sleeve (this is the The X-Ray Version after all), but the soundtrack itself is anything but. Ennio MorriconeÕs work for Spasmo, a 1974 Italian thriller, is a mysterious collection of music, beautiful on the surface but with an uncanny feeling lingering beneath it. On Dagored.
Track Listing
A1. Bambole
A2. Spasmo
A3. Stress Infinito
A4. Bambole (#2 - Single Version)
A5. Spasmo (#2)
A6. Stress Infinito (#2)
B1. Bambole (#3)
B2. Spasmo (#3)
B3. Stress Infinito (#3)
B4. Bambole (#4)
B5. Spasmo (#4)
B6. Stress Infinito (#4)
B7. Bambole (#5)