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Space 1999 - Complete Score - Limited Edition - Ennio Morricone

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The CD features the music created for the Italian theatrical release that premiered on 14th January 1975, and consists of three episodes edited together into a feature length format: Breakaway, Ring Around The Moon, and Another Time, Another Place.
The theatrical release of Space:1999 (or Spazio 1999) pre-dated the seriesÕs debut on Italian television by a year, with the first six episodes being broadcast from 31st January 1976. A further six episodes followed in July 1976, and the remaining twelve episodes during the autumn of the same year.
The seriesÕs original iconic score was removed from the Italian theatrical version and replaced with a fascinating score by Morricone, who composed original material featuring frantic jazz themes and futuristic electronic sequences, reminiscent of Barry GrayÕs work on UFO.
The release also includes avant-garde library material by Morricone selected from the RCA promotional series of vinyl LPs, Dimensioni Sonore, performed by symphonic orchestra, all in full stereo. Also included is the final large orchestral theme heard over the end credits, featuring vocals from Edda DellÕOrso and I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni. This was re-used for the 1979 mini-series Orient Express, again scored by Ennio Morricone.
The 70-minute CD comes with a  full-colour 20-page booklet containing:
  • archive stills
  • a foreword from Fanderson chairman Nick Williams
  • plot information and credits for the three episodes.

Track Listing
1. Follia nello spazio 4:23
2. Proporzionale 5:37
3. Elettronica (#1) 2:27
4. Convergenze 3:40
5. Fasi 3:45
6. Elettronica (#2) 2:43
7. Follia nello spazio (#2) 3:42
8. Conduzione 6:46
9. Elettronica (#3) 1:22
10. Parallasse 3:10
11. Suoni di una nuova civiltÀÜ 2:13
12. Costante 3:31
13. Follia nello spazio (#3) 3:26
14. Elettronica (#4) 2:13
15. Interposizione 2:42
16. Elettronica (#5) 2:21
17. Studio 12:16
18. Spazio 1999 3:12