Sorcerer - Original Score - Remastered Edition - Tangerine Dream

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New Remastered Cd Release For This Classic Tangerine Dream Soundtrack Album Originally Released In 1977
Complete with Booklet With Restored Artwork, Photos & Liner Notes
Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the release of a newly re-mastered edition of Tangerine Dream's classic soundtrack to the legendary film "Sorcerer", directed by William Friedkin in 1976. A remake of the 1953 film "The Wages of Fear", Tangerine Dream members Edgar Froese, Christopher Franke and Peter Baumann composed a stunning electronic score which perfectly accompanied Ffriedkin's imagary and was the band's first commission for a Hollywood movie.
This Esoteric Reactive edition is newly re-mastered, restores the original album artwork and includes a lavishly illustrated booklet with new essay.

Track Listing
  1. Main Title
  2. Search
  3. The Call
  4. Creation
  5. Vengeance
  6. The Journey
  7. Grind
  8. Rain Forest
  9. Abyss
  10. The Mountain Road
  11. Impressions Of Sorcerer
  12. Betrayal (Sorcerer Theme)