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Soldier Blue - Complete Score - Limited Edition - Roy Budd

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The fourth album in Silva Screen's Roy Budd reissue series features his score for the controversial 1970 western Soldier Blue. At the tender age of 23 this impressive debut soundtrack elevated his career from a respected jazz musician to that of an internationally acclaimed film composer.A year later he had completed seven scores topped by Get Carter and followed by the western Catlow, WW1 drama Zeppelin and comedy The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins, the latter three all featured on this release.Also included is Concerto For Harry from the 1976 drama Something To Hide.A remarkable piece of music as Roy fashions his own piano concerto in the style of Liszt, Rachmaninov and Tchaikovsky highlighting his keyboard skills and all with the illustrious assistance of The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Track Listing
  1. Soldier Blue
  2. Kiowa Country
  3. Ride On
  4. Fields Of Green And Skies Of Blue (Instrumental)
  5. Cresta's Theme
  6. How Wonderful Life Is
  7. Fields Of Green And Skies Of Blue (Vocal)(all on Soldier Blue)
  8. Catlow's Theme
  9. Courtroom
  10. Sun On My Face
  11. Get The Gold
  12. Indian Ambush
  13. Stagecoach
  14. Catlow (End Titles)( all on Catlow)
  15. Zeppelin Main Theme
  16. All You Want Me To Be (all on Zeppelin)
  17. Concerto For Harry (featuring The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra) - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
  18. How Can We Run Away (all on Something To Hide)
  19. Lust
  20. Envy, Greed And Gluttony (all onThe Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins)