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Sin Of Innocence – Expanded Scores – Limited Edition – Georges Delerue

1st Edition, Compilation, Limited Edition
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1st Edition, Collector's Edition, Limited Edition


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Two rare Georges Delerue soundtrack world premieres on one CD! First on the docket: Love Thy Neighbor is a 1984 20th Century Fox film production for ABC Television. John Ritter, Penny Marshall star, Chris Conrad writes, Tony Bill directs. Comedy with heart is name of the game, with Ritter and Marshall turning to each other for comfort when their spouses hook up. Georges Delerue scores with considerable range, launching with his primary theme in lilting fashion, weaving inside and about in Delerue’s sunny major-key melodic vernacular. In beautiful contrast is the composer’s equally trademark haunting minor-key mode for “Mike and Linda” and “Linda and Danny”, with flute and strings bringing bittersweet feelings to the fore with gentle assist from harp. Delerue penned his own source music for the neighborhood block party and ushers in material as varied as solo guitar in Spanish mode, strings scored in chamber style, funeral organ and breezy and tuneful lighter fare. Delerue manages a delicate balancing act ‘tween several styles, all given musical gravitas by the emphasis on melody and accessible harmony. Second up: Sin Of Innocence is a 1986 20th Century Fox film production for CBS Television. Bill Bixby, Dee Wallace Stone, Megan Fellows, Dermot Mulroney, James Naughton star, Jerry McNeely scripts, Arthur Allan Seidelman directs. The weight of divorce anchors the story, filtered through its impact on the children. Where Tony Bill’s film offers romance enrobed in humor, Arthur Seidelman’s movie plays towards straight drama. Delerue slightly modifies his orchestral palette for Sin Of Innocence in comparison with Love Thy Neighbor. Flute, strings and harp still receive plenty of attention but numerous other solo colors (oboe, electric guitar, cello) have their say as well. Delerue’s main theme is much less animated than the earlier film, with minor-key ideas getting prominence. Lilting melodic moments do occur, as with “Moving Into House”. In classic Delerue manner, no matter what musical style is being utilized, melody gets the spotlight throughout. Both scores are presented in vibrant stereo from pristine condition master elements vaulted by 20th Century Fox. Kay Marshall designs attractive booklet, enhanced by informative notes from John Takis. Nick Redman & Douglass Fake produce, Roger Feigelson handles executive production duties, Mike Matessino mixes, Neil S. Bulk edits, Daniel Hersch performs final mastering. Generous 79-minute CD should prove a genuine treat for Delerue enthusiasts! Both scores recorded at Twentieth Century Fox Studios Scoring Stage. Georges Delerue orchestrates, composes, conducts.

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