Silver Bullet – Expanded / Remastered Score – Limited Edition – Jay Chattaway

Limited Edition
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Jay Chattaway
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Jay Chattaway horror score is newly expanded on CD! Paramount releases, Dino De Laurentiis presents, Stephen King scripts from his own novelette, “Cycle Of The Werewolf”, Daniel Attias directs, Gary Busey, Everett McGill, Corey Haim star. Disabled pre-teen Marty Coslaw is convinced he knows who – or what – is behind the numerous grisly murders happening in his small home town in Maine. Wheeling about in his motorized wheel chair, given to him by his alcoholic Uncle Red and christened the Silver Bullet, Marty seeks proof of the existence of werewolves. Needing convincing are Marty’s loving but frustrated sister, his mom, the town Sheriff, the reverend and especially Uncle Red. One of those individuals is indeed a bona fide werewolf. King’s tale melds terror with friendship in equal doses, with tinges of family nostalgia tucked behind the scares. Composer Jay Chattaway anchors his score around a highly melodic major-key theme for the Silver Bullet that plays both in scenes with Marty on the move and in the end, serves as a freewheeling vocal. Another more emotional layer of the score comes with a minor-key theme, more a series of chords, that carries a feeling of melancholy and brings a sweet-sad timbre in key scenes, particularly when Marty’s sister seeks evidence supporting his claims and, in a highlight, when Uncle Red has another Silver Bullet prepared, the kind that shoots from a gun. In balance are the intense cues surrounding the mysterious killings, including some riveting chase cues, culminating in a fierce showdown between Marty with Uncle Red vs. the werewolf. The score covers considerable territory, written for both electronics and full orchestra, but remains cohesive via the primary musical motifs that recur throughout. Intrada presents Chattaway’s score courtesy Paramount Pictures, expanded from the previous issue and remastered from the original three-channel stereo mixes made by Alec Head in April & May 1985 at The Carriage House. John Takis offers informative notes, Kay Marshall designs strong packaging with flipper-style booklet cover. Orchestrations by Barb Luby. Jay Chattaway composes, conducts.
01. Main Title (1:58) 02. Arnie (1:27) 03. Marty’s Entrance (0:40) 04. Driving Home (0:39) 05. Marty’s Apology (1:55) 06. Stella And The Beast (2:24) 07. Marty Escorts Tammy (0:50) 08. Marty And Uncle Red (0:55) 09. Coming After Milt (3:38) 10. Town Paranoia (0:54) 11. Brady Gets It (1:11) 12. Red And Marty’s Drive (0:54) 13. The Hunt (1:42) 14. The Bog (3:00) 15. Bad Dream (1:17) 16. Silver Bullet Reveal (0:29) 17. Joyride (1:19) 18. Sneakout (1:31) 19. On The Bridge/Night Escape (2:32) 20. Looking For Mr. One Eye (3:00) 21. Garage Search (1:03) 22. The Reveal (1:34) 23. Teamwork (1:28) 24. The Ball Game and The Chase (4:02) 25. Reverend Approaches Bridge (2:20) 26. Garage Presence (2:19) 27. Making The Silver Bullet (1:13) 28. Beast Outside (2:02) 29. Fight To The Finish (1:50) 30. Transformation/Finale/Joyride Reprise (5:09)

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