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Shock – Complete Score – Limited 500 – OOP – Mario Bava / Libra


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SCHOCK (THE SHOCK) is a film directed in 1977 by Mario Bava, the legendary Master of Horror and Noir, featuring Daria Nicolodi, John Steiner, David Colin Jr and Ivan Rassimov.
The original 33 rpm (LP MDF 33/113) released by Cinevox Record included ten tracks.
The same material was reissued for the first time on CD in Japan by the specialized label SLC (SLCS-7155) and on CD in Italy in 2002 (CD 350 MDF) with four unreleased tracks. Meanwhile other master tapes were discovered. They gave the chance to find eleven totally unreleased tracks bringing this new edition to a total of 61:04 for the delight of music lovers and fans of Bava and Horror Film. Libra composed an OST that perfectly evokes in the sounds atmospheres with paranormal sounds, sometimes poetic and rarefied and sometimes spooky and scary. A CD for each respectable archive dedicated to a genre that has legions of fans around the world.
Track Listing
1- The shock
2- L’altalena rossa
3- Transfert I /Hypnos/ Transfert II
4- La baia
5- La cantina / The schock (ripresa)
6- Tema di Marco / Tema di Marco II
7- L’incubo
8- Transfert III
9- Il fantasma suona piano
10- Transfert IV/Tema di Marco (ripresa)
11- Il fantasma suona piano (ripresa)
12- The shock (spettrale)
13- Tema di Marco (possessione)
14- Transfert IV (angoscia nel buio)
15- Tema di Marco (carillon infernale)
16- Tema di Marco (demoniache presenze)
17- The schock (paura)
18- The schock (voci nel buio)
19- Transfert IV (attesa snervante)
20- La baia (alt.take)
21- T ema di Marco (carillon infernale #2)
22- The schock(musica alla radio)
23- T ema di Marco (carillon infernale #3)
24- The schock (beffa di demoni)
25- The schock (suite finale)

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