Seven Days In May/Mackintosh Man - Complete Score - Jerry Goldsmith / Maurice Jarre

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World premiere release of two outstanding thriller scores by legendary Academy Award-winning composers, both in stereo! SEVEN DAYS IN MAY is John Frankenheimer film about attempted military overthrow of U.S. government, written by Rod Serling, starring Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas. Jerry Goldsmith provides stunning, albeit brief (15 minutes) tour-de-force for impressive array of both melodic & non-melodic percussion, including two pianos, vibraphone, marimba, bass marimba, xylophone, multiple snare drums, tympani, chimes. Inventive score offers melodic motifs for left-hand piano, marimba, xylophone, balances with stark rhythms for snares, tympani. Goldsmith also created two main titles, one featuring actual chime melody at start, the other featuring just snare drum rolls with snares tuned to different strengths to start. Latter version features in film. Both versions are included on CD. Complete score presented in dynamic stereo audio from original three-channel stereo masters courtesy Warner Bros. Second score on CD features hypnotic score by Maurice Jarre for John Huston thriller with Paul Newman, James Mason. Jarre uses array of exotic colors (strings, keyboards, cimbalom, accordion, ondes Martenot, balalaika, mandolin, bouzouki) to create basic theme, then repeats in variety of moods, tempos while generating hypnotic effect similar in style to legendary THIRD MAN score by Anton Karas. Score mixed in stereo from 1" master elements with demo "single version" mixed from 2" 16-track master courtesy Warner Bros. Douglass Fake, Lukas Kendall produce, Scott Bettencourt provides informative notes, Joe Sikoryak designs dramatic package. Jerry Goldsmith conducts first score, Maurice Jarre conducts second score.
Track Listing
SEVEN DAYS IN MAY (Jerry Goldsmith)
01. Main Title (Original Version) 2:10
02. Pickets 1:20
03. First Sign Of Trouble 1:07
04. Prentice Spills The Beans 0:28
05. Midnight Rendezvous 1:06
06. The Meeting Is Over 2:17
07. Casey Is Caught 0:29
08. Secret Rendezvous 2:55
09. Escape From Ecomcon 1:58
10. Scott Defeated 0:35
11. End Title 0:12

The Extra (Seven Days In May)
12. Main Title (Film Version) 1:59
     Seven Days In May Total Time: 17:00
13. Main Title 2:19
14. Postal Thief 2:36
15. Meeting In Prison 1:24
16. Loose Talk 1:44
17. Clean Laundry 2:02
18. Drugs For Rearden 2:58
19. The Pursuit 3:01
20. Escape Route 1:29
21. Party 1 4:50
22. Party 2 2:56
23. Rendezvous With Wheeler 3:14
24. End Title 2:08

The Extras (The Mackintosh Man)
25. Loose Talk (Alternate) 1:31
26. The Mackintosh Man (Single Version) 4:04
     The Mackinosh Man Total Time: 36:23