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Sella D'Argento - Complete Score - Limited 500 Copies - Fabio Frizzi

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Third western directed from master Lucio Fulci in 1978 with the great Giuliano Gemma in the role of cow-boy with a silver saddleback. Film produced in the season dying of the Italian Western all the typical elements of the sort like love, dead women, courage, solitudine and shootings. In 1978 the only tracks published is a single with two songs interpreted from the Canadian Ken Tobias and today 26 years after Digitmovies published a complete Cd that includes all instrumental soundtrack of the prolific Bixio-Frizzi-Tempera trio, recovered from Cinevox Archive: a mix of country acoustic and orchestrale
Track Listing
01. Silver Saddle - Main Title Song - Film Version
02. Cantina Guitar
03. Hot Lands
04. My Name is Silver Saddle
05. Free and Wild
06. Silver Saddle - Vocal Reprise
07. A Cowboy and a Kid
08. Bandits
09. Arrival in the Town
10. Lonely Mouth Organ
11. In the Desert
12. Two Friends
13. In the Desert - Part 2
14. Fear and Friendship
15. Cantina Guitar No. 2
16. Silver Saddle on Action
17. Silver Saddle Strikes Back
18. The Snake Theme/Finale
19. Silver Saddle (Single version - A Side)
20. Two Hearts (Single - B Side)
21. Silver Saddle (Saloon Piano #1)
22. Silver Saddle (Saloon Piano #2)
23. Silver Saddle (Saloon Piano #3)
24. Silver Saddle (Unused Alt. Instrumental Main Titles)