Seed Of Chucky - Complete Score - Limited Edition - Pino Donaggio

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Presenting the soundtrack to filmmker Don ManciniÕs acclaimed horror/cult film SEED OF CHUCKY, starring Jennifer Tilly (BOUND), Redman (HOW HIGH) and John Waters (HAIRSPRAY, SERIAL MOM). Legendary composer Pino Donaggio (CARRIE, THE HOWLING, DRESSED TO KILL, BODY DOUBLE) evokes spine-tingling thrills and self-reflexive winks to the horror/thriller genre with this sensational orchestral score, expertly performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. Also features the end title rap "CUT IT UP" performed by FredWreck and Defari. CD Booklet contains exclusive liner notes from the composer and director.
Track Listing
1. Main Title (2:31)
2. Tiny Stalker/A Nightmare on Nottingham Mews (3:36)
3. Made in Japan/Yes, Santa Claus, There is a Chucky (1:57)
4. GlenÕs Escape (2:04)
5. Our Jennifer (0:46)
6. Family Reunion (2:38)
7. Konichiwa (0:39)
8. Stark Raving Mad (1:54)
9. How to Get a Head in Hollywood (1:44)
10. Inquiring Minds/JenniferÕs Home/Fingers Crossed/Visual Stimuli (2:01)
11. PaparazzoÕs Delight/JenniferÕs Windows/Designs by Tiffany (4:38)
12. Acid Trip (2:33)
13. The Sweetest Voice/Intestinal Fortitude (3:10)
14. Monkey on her Back (0:38)
15. Ordinary Dolls (3:24)
16. Joan Gets Fired (2:26)
17. Glen and Glenda (4:42)
18. ChuckyÕs Destiny (1:57)
19. Pride of Chucky (5:20)
20. Five Years Later/Bad Girls/Fond Memories/Gotcha! (1:27)
21. Cut it Up - performed by FredWreck and Defari (2:48)