Scanners - Blu-Ray - (Uncut) - David Cronenberg

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Scanners are people with great telepathic powers. They can easily read and manipulate other people's thoughts. They can also force them to do things against their will. Dark and once very much ahead of its time, David Cronenberg's Scanners is an interesting hybrid of a film. At its core it is certainly a horror film Ð it is unapologetically graphic and intense. But behind its graphic visuals there is a prophetic warning about an upcoming reality where large corporations with unlimited resources could do some very bad things if left unmonitored.
- "My Art Keeps Me Sane" Interview with star Stephen Lack
- "The Eye Of Scanners" Interview with cinematographer Mark Irwin
- "The Chaos Of Scanners" Interview with executive producer Pierre David
- "Exploding Brains & Popping Veins" Interview with make-up effects artist Stephan Dupuis
- "Bad Guy Dane" - Interview with actor Lawrence Dane