Saturn 3 - Complete Score - Elmer Bernstein

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World premiere of original soundtrack to Stanley Donen sci-fi thriller with Kirk Douglas, Farrah Fawcett, Harvey Keitel. Elmer Bernstein offers perhaps his most complex score in distinguished career. Massive brass, divisi strings, array of woodwinds, piano, xylophone, harp, solo soprano, male chorus plus unusually large percussion section feature. Interestingly, much of composer's effort is deleted from finished film. Score opens, closes in epic manner with dynamic brass fanfare. In between are mysterioso cues, virtuoso action sequences plus - in highlight - haunting music for "Alex" that ultimately becomes wildly popular "Taarna" theme for composer's later HEAVY METAL score. It was written for SATURN 3! Though poor quality dubs from pirate cassettes have made rounds, Intrada CD presents complete score from composer's own recently discovered two-track stereo masters, located via combined efforts of film studio, composer's estate, son Peter Bernstein, FSM president Lukas Kendall and Intrada. Results yield definitive presentation of powerhouse score in stereo, complete with all soprano overdubs, percussion overlays, cues deleted from film, more! Elmer Bernstein conducts.SOLD OUT
Track Listing
01. Space Murder 9:18
02. The Lab 2:05
03. Meet Hector 4:44
04. The Brain 2:08
05. Blue Dreamers 2:42
06. Hector Mimics Benson 1:25
07. Peeping Toms 7:15
08. Adam's Target 2:00
09. Benson Is Off 2:16
10. Training Hector 3:13
11. Adam Rescues Alex 2:39
12. Hector Loses It 6:52
13. The Run 1:48
14. A Head for Hector 3:31
15. Alex Alone 2:06
16. The Big Dive 4:37
17. End Credits 3:22