Santa Claus The Movie - 3 x CD Expanded Score - Limited 1500 Copies - Henry Mancini

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Quartet Records, Universal Music Group, Capitol Records, Calash Corporation and Studio Canal present a slightly remastered edition of the highly requested reissue of Henry ManciniÕs charming score for SANTA CLAUS: THE MOVIE.
The film, directed by Jeannot Szwarc in 1985, starred Dudley Moore, David Huddleston and John Lithgow. An ambitious and expensive project produced by Alexander Salkind, it was not the box-office hit it was expected to be. One of the most important aspects of the film was its soundtrack, for which Salkind hired Henry Mancini. The composer was deeply involved in the production, composing more than 85 minutes of original music for the 109-minute film. This soundtrack is surely one of the biggest efforts of his career, so beautiful, diverse and emotional, written during the same period as LIFEFORCE and THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE.
Recorded at CTS Studios in London with the London Metropolitan Orchestra, the score also features The Ambrosian ChildrenÕs Choir performing several charming songs written by Mancini and Leslie Bricusse. For the original album, released in 1985 by EMI America, Mancini prepared a program of highlights: 13 tracks lasting only 37 minutes. Some themes were modified for their album versionÑwith different durations, slightly different mixes or the addition of pop elements. Almost all of ManciniÕs symphonic effort was missing.
Quartet Records released ManciniÕs score in its entirety in 2012 on a 3-CD set, remixed by JosŽ Vinader from ___ 3-track stereo and 2_ 24-track session masters vaulted in mint condition at Abbey Road Studios, London (where the EMI album was mixed). In addition to the complete score, it has been great to discover a lot of extra material that Mancini recorded for the film: songs with alternate lyrics, different orchestrations, etc. Courtesy of UMG, we have also included the original 1985 album version, mastered from first-generation master tapes stored in the Abbey Road vaults.
For this reissue, also a 3-CD set, we have used the same program as in 2012 (there is no more music recorded!), but it has been entirely remastered with upgraded technology by Chris Malone, who has also fixed some minor blemishes from the previous edition (such as studio noises, clicks, and a few dropouts). The package includes a full-color booklet with liner notes and track-by-track analysis by Jeff Bond.
Track Listing
1 Main Title: Every Christmas Eve / SantaÕs Theme (4:27)
2 North Star/ Arrival of the Elves (4:07)
3 SantaÕs New Home (4:14)
4 The Magic Workshop (1:43)
5 Reindeer Stable (1:52)
6 Making Toys (Film Version) (4:01)
7 SeasonÕs Greetings (1:36)
8 The Ancient One (2:32)
9 Santa Claus / First Sleigh Ride / Christmas Rhapsody (5:28)
10 Naughty or Nice (Does not appear in the film) (1:04)
11 Into the XXTH Century (1:38)
12 ItÕs Christmas Again (2:39)
13 March of the Elves (2:55)
14 Table Scraps (1:19)
15 A New Sleigh Ride / Santa Meets Joe (1:41)
16 Sleigh Ride Over Manhattan (4:15)
17 CorneliaÕs Home (1:53)
18 Bad Toys (0:38)
19 Sad Patch (3:11)
20 Vanishing Elf (1:42)
21 No Free Toys (1:12)
22 Present for Joe (0:48)
23 Patch, Natch! (1:17)
24 Patchmobile / Patch Versus Santa (5:13)
25 Lollipop Flight (1:39)
26 Stronger Formula (1:37)
27 The World Is Different (1:02)
28 A New Doll (0:49)
29 Eavesdropping (2:35)
Total Disc One Time: 69:06

1 Letter From Cornelia (2:30)
2 Elf Portrait (1:45)
3 Flight From Police (1:06)
4 To the North Pole / Super Duper Looper / Reunited Again (6:09)
5 End Titles: Thank You, Santa (Does not appear in the film) (4:47)

6 Every Christmas Eve (Alternate Lyrics) (4:28)
7 Making Toys (ChildrenÕs Choir) (4:01)
8 Making Toys (Carousel Version) (0:27)
9 Making Toys (MenÕs Choir) (4:01)
10 Making Toys (Instrumental Alternate) (4:00)
11 Patch Versus Santa (Alternate) (4:34)
12 To the North Pole (Alternate) (3:49)
13 Thank You, Santa (Alternate Vocal) (3:35)
14 Every Christmas Eve (Instrumental Version) (4:27)
15 ItÕs Christmas Again (Instrumental Version) (1:20)
16 ItÕs Christmas Again (Christmas Bells) (1:21)
17 ChopinÕs Waltz (Source) (0:30)
18 Patch, Natch! (Instrumental Version) (1:14)
19 Thank You, Santa (Instrumental Version) (4:29)
20 Patch Toys (Percussion Insert) (0:27)
21 Christmas Jingles (Rehearsal) (2:53)
22 Making Toys (TV Spot) (0:26)
Total Disc Two Time: 62:19

1 Main Title: Every Christmas Eve / SantaÕs Theme (4:11)
2 Arrival of the Elves (4:08)
3 Making Toys (4:01)
4 Christmas Rhapsody (3:53)
5 ItÕs Christmas Again (2:31)
6 March of the Elves (2:55)
7 Patch, Natch! (1:15)
8 ItÕs Christmas All Over the World (5:02)
9 ShouldnÕt Do That (3:33)
10 Sleigh Ride Over Manhattan (4:16)
11 Sad Patch (3:12)
12 Patch Versus Santa (4:13)
13 Thank You, Santa (3:09)
Total Disc Three Time: 46:21
Total Disc Time: 2:57:46