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Rudy - Original Score - Jerry Goldsmith

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Although it received no awards, Jerry Goldsmith's music for this endearing football drama is his most-heard work after Patton. Goldsmith reteamed with the filmmakers of Hoosiers for this similar true-life account of a sports underdog, in this case pint-size Rudy Ruettiger, who dreamed of playing for Notre Dame. Goldsmith is at his best finding the rhythmic Middle America, and the "Tryouts" track illustrates Goldsmith's playful variations of a common movie theme. The fully orchestrated, grandstanding finale is a stirring piece of music that inspires in its own right. These building themes--with a motif of Western movie flair--have made this soundtrack well known, but not connected with the film. Numerous studios have used the score for coming-attraction trailers (including the seemingly passive Good Will Hunting). The full soundtrack is well worth having versus just hearing the oft-used bits. 

Track Listing
1 Main Title 3:35
2 A Start 2:27
3 Waiting 2:35
4 Back On The Field 2:07
5 To Notre Dame 6:55
6 Tryouts 4:27
7 The Key 3:55
8 Take Us Out 1:51
9 The Plaque 2:36
10 The Final Game 6:16