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Robocop 3 - Original Score - Basil Poledouris

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In this second sequel to Robocop, the mechanical humanoid opposes the evil designs of his creators who have gone corrupt and are trying to take over all real estate in Detroit, kicking the poorer citizens out of their homes and turning them out into the streets. 1992. Once again Basil Poledouris returns to weaves his magic, and provides a simply marvellous score equalling his stunning original.This long out of print soundtrack is becoming rare and very collectable
Track Listing
01. Main Title-The Resistance
02. Robo Saves Lewis
03. Resistance Base
04. Otomo Underground
05. Murphy'S Memories
06. Robo Fights Otomo
07. Nikko And Murphy
08. Death Of Lewis
09. Sayonara Mcdaggit