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Robocop 3 - Deluxe Complete Edition -Limited 2000 Copies - Basil Poledouris

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Director Paul VerhoevenÕs original RoboCop (1987) featured one of Basil PoledourisÕ most famous themes and beloved scores. Though he wasnÕt on board for Irvin KershnerÕs 1990 sequel RoboCop 2, Basil did return for the third installment of the hit franchise with director Fred DekkerÕs RoboCop 3 in 1993. On the heels of our massive Starship Troopers Deluxe Edition, we are thrilled to present another special release from our dearly-missed friend.
It's Megacop vs. Megacop when Detroit's cyborg crime-fighter hits the streets to protect the innocent, this time from corporate greed! Laced with a sardonic sense of humor and packed with action scenes coming at a deliberate clip, RoboCop 3 is a thrilling sci-fi adventure that will have you on the edge of your seat! When the ruthless corporation that runs Motor City begins kicking families out of their homes to clear space for a profitable new real estate project, RoboCop (Robert John Burke, Copland) joins forces with a renegade band of freedom fighters to save them. But RoboCop must face some deadly foes, including a lethally efficient android and a dangerous gang of thugs. RoboCop's latest arsenal of high-tech weaponry only somewhat evens the battlefield as this one lone superhero takes on the entire army of corporate militia in an all-out war to control Detroit!
Limited Edition of 2000 copies
Track Listing
 1. Delta City / Media Break / Nikko (1:45) 
 2. Main Title / The Resistance / The Searchlight (3:43) 
 3. Gateway (1:46) 
 4. Police Alert / Robo Pack / Response / Armory Escape (1:46) 
 5. Van Chase I (1:45) 
 6. RoboCop in Pursuit / RoboCop Saves Lewis (4:34) 
 7. Flame Job / Nikko Remembers / Kanemitsu Building (2:30) 
 8. Robo Recalls / Murphy, Is It You? (3:12) 
 9. Death of Lewis (5:10) 
 10. Underground / Tracking Beacon / Bertha to Base (1:40) 
 11. O.C.P. /Otomo / Otomo Exits (:51) 
 12. Refuge (1:36) 
 13. Nikko at Station / Otomo Meets Resistance (2:35) 
 14. Van Approach / Robo Awakens (1:10) 
 15. Nikko and Robo (2:00) 
 16. The Map / Unfinished Business (1:34) 
 17. Robo Torches Rehabs / It√ïs Not a Robo Knock / Robo Visits McDaggit (3:36) 
 18. Van Chase II (2:36) 
 19. Rehab Raid (2:34) 
 20. Good Cops Revolt / Johnny Rehab Commercial (1:40) 
 21. Nikko to O.C.P. (1:51) 
 22. Cops Help Rebels / Robo vs. Otomo (5:13) 
 23. Finding the Flight Pack (1:03) 
 24. Robo Flies / Rehabs Chase Marie (1:44) 
 25. Sayonara McDaggit (3:20) 
 26. End Credits (7:54)