Robo Warriors - Complete Score - Richard Band

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Premiere release of exciting Richard Band soundtrack for Ian Barry sci-fi action tale, presented by Republic Pictures and Paramount British Pictures Limited, starring James Remar, Kyle Howard, James Lew, based on characters created by Stuart Gordon. In 2036, half-human, half-reptilian Terridaxx conquer Earth. Young Zac incites revolution to destroy invaders, inspires last great Robo Warrior to lead ultimate battle of good vs. evil. Richard Band creates epic-style score with emphasis on scope, action. Unique orchestration calls for array of electronics plus large brass ensemble featuring six French horns, five trombones, two trumpets plus tuba. Results are vivid, high-tech music with regal strength, flamboyant energy. Melody ideas have considerable say but dynamic action is keynote. Highlights include lengthy "Main Title And Battling The Terridaxx", stirring "The First Robo Encounter" and massive "Robo Warriors - The Battle For Earth". Three sequences make terrific album unto themselves! Entire CD presented from two-track digital scoring session mixes made by Rick Ruggieri at Sunset Sound Studios in Hollywood (brass ensemble), Richard Band Studios (electronics). Composer also offers booklet liner notes. "Two Gladiators. One Planet. No Prisoners." Excitement all the way! Richard Band conducts.
Track Listing
01. Main Title And Battling The Terridaxx (8:03)
02. ZakÕs Computer And The Terridaxx Pursuit (4:34)
03. Zak On The Run (2:36)
04. Zak Joins The Resistance (4:00)
05. Gibson Goes To Rescue Zak (2:46)
06. Finding The Earth Bot (3:59)
07. The First Robo Encounter (6:18)
08. Gibson Returns Zak To Mom (0:21)
09. GibsonÕs Change Of Heart (4:57)
10. The Challenge Is Set (2:08)
11. Kinto Vs. Gibson (1:41)
12. Gibson Returns To Molly (0:21)
13. The Past Brings Gibson & Molly Closer (1:36)
14. To The Arena Montage (1:50)
15. Test Run (0:28)
16. Their Robo Warrior Revealed (4:22)
17. Zak Returns To Terminal For Battle (1:39)
18. DariusÕs Robot Revealed (0:52)
19. Robo Warriors Ð The Battle For Earth (12:53)
20. Earth Wins! (1:24)
21. End Titles (3:05)