Roadhouse - Complete Score - Limited 2000 Copies - Michael Kamen

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La-La Land Records, MGM and the Michael Kamen Estate proudly present the expanded and remastered re-issue of the original motion picture score to the big-screen Ô80s action classic ROAD HOUSE starring Patrick Swayze, Sam Elliott and Kelly Lynch, and directed by Rowdy Herrington. Legendary composer Michael Kamen (LETHAL WEAPON 1-4, DIE HARD 1-3, THE LAST BOY SCOUT) closes out the 1980s with yet another dynamite action score, capping a thrilling decadeÕs worth of classic action music -- and suggesting still further exciting scores to come in the 1990s. KamenÕs work was a perfect fit for the action films he scored Ð expertly supporting large-scale thrills and chills, but always finding the true drama in the filmÕs narrative and the beating heart in its heroes Ð and ROAD HOUSE is no exception. This expanded and remastered re-issue, produced by Neil S. Bulk in collaboration with the Michael Kamen Estate and mastered by Doug Schwartz, from high resolution transfers of the recently located, complete set of original 3-Track stereo mixes, arrives in time for the filmÕs 30th Anniversary and is limited to 2000 units. The exclusive and in-depth liner notes are by writer Jeff Bond, and the fist-flying art design is by Dan Goldwasser.
The last six tracks on this presentation (in the Òadditional musicÓ portion) are sourced from the previous Intrada release, and we thank that label for their inclusion.
Track Listing

1. DaltonÕs Theme :43
2. It Will Get Worse :57
3. Tai-Chi 1:37
4. Nobody Ever Wins A Fight / RedÕs Gets Ransacked 1:43
5. Drop Like A Stone 2:50
6. Invitation To BradÕs :52
7. I Have A Cousin In Memphis 1:05
8. Arrival At The Loft 1:25
9. On The Rooftop 2:05
10. Loading Dock Fight 2:18
11. Living In The Past 1:03
12. This Is My Town 3:15
13. EmmetÕs House Explodes 1:00
14. Dalton And Reno Fight 3:19
15. Head Or Tails? / IÕve Got To Find Doc 2:00
16. The Final Confrontation 7:49
17. WesleyÕs Fall 2:00


18. DaltonÕs Theme (Alternate) :44
19. DaltonÕs Theme (Harmonica Mix) :42
20. DaltonÕs Theme (Piano Mix) :42
21. Tai-Chi (Alternate) 1:47
22. Invitation To BradÕs (Alternate Mix) :51
23. This Is My Town (Alternate) 2:48
24. Dalton And Reno Fight (With Piano Overlay) 3:18
25. The Final Confrontation (Part 2 Alternate Excerpt) :56
26. Drop Like A Stone (Extended Opening) 3:14
27. I Have A Cousin In Memphis (Alternate Mix) 1:04
28. Loading Dock Fight (Alternate Extended Version) 7:42
29. Heads Or Tails? / IÕve Got To Find Doc (Extended Version) 2:58
30. The Final Confrontation (Alternate Version) 4:44
31. Synth Effects 2:31