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Rivelazioni Di Un Maniaco Sessuale - Complete Score - Limited 500 Copies - Giorgio Gaslini

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Giorgio Gaslini is a highly trained and world renowned musician, a maestro of not only composition but also of jazz and contemporary classical music. He is most well-known to Euro-genre hounds for his co-scoring of Dario Argento's monumental giallo PROFONDO ROSSO (DEEP RED), together with the progressive rock giants Goblin. The score for RIVELAZIONI DI UN MANIACO SESSUALE AL CAPO DELLA SQUADRA MOBILE (REVELATIONS OF A SEX MANIAC, PENETRATION) is a known favorite among the cadre of international afficionados of Italian cult-cinema, and for good reason; this is a very skillful and satisfying work - which also features splendid vocal performances by the one and only Edda Dell'Orso. Supporting the effect of the killer's anthem is a series of dissonant suspense cues and each of these contribute to the underlying psychological stress inherent to the narrative.
Counterbalancing the score's darker portions are a series of lighter excursions into the realms of lounge and easy instrumentals - truly inspired music for a maniac! Carefully restored by Claudio Fuiano, this CD premiere release does not only present the LP tracks in full stereo - as much as 17 unreleased tracks have been saved from obscurity. Presented in a 6-page digipak with original artwork and extensive liner notes by John Bender, Fin de Siècle Media are proud to give another underrated composer the attention he most certainly deserves. 
Track Listing
1.Cio' che e' Scritto nel Ventoå�
5.Voce senza Scampo
6.Domani Forseå�
8.Tema del Maniaco
9.Frammenti (#2)
10.Lamento (#2)
12.Cio' che e' Scritto nel Vento
16.Tema del Maniaco (#2)
17.Tema del Maniaco (#3)
18.Teneramente (#2)
19.Cio' che e' Scritto nel Vento (#3)
20.Cio' che e' Scritto nel Vento (#4)
21.Cio' che e' Scritto nel Vento (#5)
22.Tema del Maniaco (#4)
23.Cio' che e' Scritto nel Vento (#6)
24.Cio' che e' Scritto nel Vento (#7)
25.Cio' che e' Scritto nel Vento (#8)
26.Cio' che e' Scritto nel Vento (#9)
27.Cio' che e' Scritto nel Vento (#10)
28.Frammenti (#3)
29.Tema di Maniaco (#5)
30.Cio' che e' Scritto nel Vento (#11)
31.Colori (#2)
32.Colori (#3)