Rio Conchos - Complete Score - Limited 3000 Copies - Jerry Goldsmith

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Goldsmith had already scored several westerns before Rio Conchos, including the acclaimed contemporary western Lonely Are the Brave. But Rio Conchos saw Goldsmith marshaling his skills at writing complex yet melodically vibrant action music, with several early highlights of his musical output contained within. The composer's title music is characteristically spare and folksy, belying the savage intensity of what is to follow, yet his main theme effortlessly forms the backbone for the score's violent set-pieces and provides often soothing commentary on the decency and nobility buried beneath the flinty surfaces of the film's reluctant heroes.
Goldsmith's psychological approach to the action extends to some vicious, Stravinsky-like rhythmic music associated with the Richard Boone character and his violent hatred of the Apache, as well as an alternately exciting and brooding fanfare for the Native Americans. The composer's action music ingeniously plays off both folk-based rhythms (translated to the powerful forces of the full orchestra) and Spanish influences as the action travels South of the Border.
The existing CD of Rio Conchos is a re-recording conducted by the composer for Intrada Records in 1988. FSM's new release features the original soundtrackÑnever before releasedÑas recorded for the film at 20th Century Fox in 1964. The recording is complete, in chronological order, and in excellent mono sound with eleven cues not included on the Intrada CD, including a great deal of moody, flamenco-based material for Tony Franciosa's character and a lengthy, bravura action cue ("Drag Race") written almost exclusively for percussion. Bonus tracks include a seldom-heard vocal version of the title theme and five tracks of score remixed in stereo, focusing on the action-packed climax.
Track Listing
  1. Main Title 2:37
  1. The Prisoner 0:19
  1. Get Me Out 0:39
  1. The Exterminator 0:32
  1. Where's the Water 1:52
  1. The Fuse 1:00
  1. Bandits Ho 6:03
  1. Smoke Signals 0:54
  1. The River 1:53
  1. Unlucky Lover 0:55
  1. River Crossing 4:21
  1. The Aftermath 2:09
  1. Lassiter Remembers/The Lance 1:37
  1. Wall of Fire 2:15
  1. Lonely Indian 3:11
  1. Cantina 1 & 2/A Change of Luck 4:26
  1. The Captive 0:57
  1. Big Deal 1:20
  1. Chief Bloodshirt 2:36
  1. Drag Race/The Corral 4:01
  1. Free Men/The Intruder 5:02
  1. Special Delivery 5:41
  1. Cast Credits 0:29
Title Song
  1. Rio Conchos (performed by Johnny Desmond) 2:36
Stereo Bonus Tracks
  1. Main Title 2:37
  1. River Crossing 4:21
  1. Drag Race/The Corral 4:01
  1. Special Delivery 5:41
  1. Cast Credits 0:29
Total Time: 75:28