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Rewind - The Studio Album - Fabio Frizzi

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Rewind is a musical project that debuted in 2011 at Centrale Preneste theatre in Rome. ItÕs the musical biography of its popular creator, Fabio Frizzi, author of around a hundred scores including some genuine cult classics for Italian and international cinema.
Over the years, Rewind has grown and become more refined, altering its form but retaining its poetry and narrative. After numerous shows, the efforts of the popular composer are presented in this studio album featuring the typical concert playlist recorded in the studio of the historical Octopus (the notorious Roman music school and headquarters of the iconic Emilian maestro).
Rewind is the history of music as seen by one of its fine interpreters who, through these 20 wonderful performances, brings us into a word of musical memories from the Ô60s onward, carefully selected between the two coasts of the Atlantic Ocean. John Lennon, Carlo Rustichelli, Sidney Bechet, Paul McCartney, Piero Piccioni, Charles Gounod, Fabrizio De Andr�, Noel Gallagher, Johan Sebastian Bach and, obviously, Fabio Frizzi: these are the frames of the memories that will materialize in your living room, projected by your hi-fi woofersÑvibrant, translucent, sunny, exciting.
The CD comes in a jewel case with a 12-page booklet, graphic design by Daniele De Gemini and Alessio Iannuzzi, liner notes (in Italian and English) by Fabio Frizzi, mastering by Enrico Scopa.
Track Listing
1.Eleanor Rigby 2:26 
John Lennon - Paul McCartney
From the OST: Amore Libero
2. Ibo Lele√ï 3:08 
Fabio Frizzi
Orig. Pub. Bixio Cemsa - RCS Mediagroup
From the OST: Il ferroviere
3. Il ferroviere 3:17
Carlo Rustichelli
Orig. Pub. Arteconarte - Filmauro - Gipsy - Cogi
From the TV series OST: Le ragazze di San Frediano
4. Le ragazze di San Frediano 7:02
Fabio Frizzi
Orig. Pub. Warner Chappell
5. Petite fleur 3:42
Sidney Bechet
From the OST: Fantozzi
6. Fantozzi 2:17
Franco Bixio - Fabio Frizzi - Vince Tempera
Orig. Pub. Grandi Firme della Canzone - RCS Mediagroup
7. Junk 2:02
Paul McCartney
TV show theme song: I fatti vostri
8. Bla bla bla 2:17
Fabio Frizzi - Autori Michele Guard“ - Giulio Perretta
Orig. Pub. Ribot Ed. Mus.
From the TV series OST: Butta la Luna
9. Butta la luna 2:44
Fabio Frizzi
Orig. Pub. Rai Com - Warner Chappell - Emi Mus. Publ.
From the OST: Il medico della mutua
10. La marcia di Esculapio 2:50
Piero Piccioni
Orig. Pub. Neapolis - Emi General Music
From the OST: Delitto al Blue Gay
11. When I fall in love 2:30
Fabio Frizzi - Autore Bruno Corbucci
Orig. Pub. Gipsy - Leonardi
From the OST: Sette note in nero
12. Sette note in nero 1.04
Franco Bixio - Fabio Frizzi - Vince Tempera
Orig. Pub. Bixio Cemsa - RCS Mediagroup
From the OST: Manhattan baby
13. Baby sequenza 2 1:38
Fabio Frizzi
Orig. Pub. Beat Records Ð Merletto
From the OST: ... E tu vivrai nel tettote - LÕaldila
14. Verso LÕignoto 2:02
Fabio Frizzi
Orig. Pub. Beat Records - Merletto
15. La Canzone dellÕamore perduto 3:07
Fabrizio de AndrÔøΩ Orig. Pub. Leonardi - La Cascina - SDJ Beheer
16. My Valentine 3:07
Paul McCartney
17. Aria sulla quarta corda 3:06
J. S. Bach
From the OST: Febbre da cavallo
18. Febbre da cavallo 3.16
Franco Bixio - Fabio Frizzi - Vince Tempera
Orig. Pub. Grandi Firme della Canzone
19. Funeral March of a Marionette 1:09
Charles Gounod
20. If I had a gun 4:17
Noel Gallagher
Orig. Pub. Sony ATV Mus. Publ. TT 58:01
TT. 58:01