Return To The Blue Lagoon - Complete Score - Limited Edition - Basil Poledouris

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Basil Poledouris follow-up to his 1980 original makes it to CD at last!  Columbia Pictures presents, William A. Graham directs, Leslie Stevens scripts from elements of Henry De Vere Stacpoole√ïs The Blue Lagoon successor novel, The Garden Of God, Brian Krause & Milla Jovovich play the now-teens. Poledouris draws upon stylistic elements from his first score but rarely uses material from the first work, instead fashioning all-new material with an emphasis on rich, surging new themes, broad dramatic material and larger-scale action. Highlights abound: √íSarah Sails Alone√ì includes powerful brass variants on the main theme, leading to dynamic churning material for full orchestra. √íAfter The Storm√ì affords beautiful moments for both celli and horns in quotes of the theme, √íThe Children Pray√ì showcases clarinet and strings in a solemn, moving sequence. In contrast are rousing sections for tutti orchestra: √íHog Play√ì, √íWater Play√ì. Danger lurks as well, with √íShark On The Reef√ì, √íRichard vs Shark On Reef√ì raising the musical stakes. Multi-faceted score even contains music with cerebral, mysterious color: √íRichard Enters Jungle (Revised)√ì, augmenting the orchestra with ghostly synth over strings, woodwinds and percussion. Deserving the spotlight: √íEvil Quinlan And Fight Sequence√ì, with Poledouris emphasizing pulsating orchestral rhythms, swirling Herrmann-esque figures for strings and vibrant trombone lines against percussion. Exciting! CD also includes end credit song √íA World Of Our Own√ì, performed by Surface, mastered from the digital two-track master mixes of the full-length version. Provided courtesy Columbia Pictures, the 1/2√ì three-channel Dolby SR scoring session masters and live DAT session mixes also contained several alternates which are included in the extras, as well as a number of √íCannibal Drumming√ì cues and alternates, all scored by Poledouris as source music. John Takis provides informative liner notes, Kay Marshall designs colorful flipper-style booklet and packaging. Score recorded by Tim Boyle at MGM Studios Scoring Stage in May 1991. Greig McRitchie orchestrates, Basil Poledouris composes and conducts.
Track Listing
01. Legend And Main Titles (2:48)
02. Dinghy Adrift (1:52)
03. Cholera Scare (1:29)
04. Night Sailing (0:47)
05. Sarah Sails Alone (5:00)
06. RichardÕs Toy Boat (1:00)
07. After The Storm (3:51)
08. Sarah Reacts To Distant Drumming (1:25)
09. Hog Play (0:50)
10. Water Play (1:06)
11. Shark On The Reef (2:53)
12. The Children Pray (2:11)
13. The Easter Egg Hunt (Alternate) (1:06)
14. Richard Dives For Pearl (Alternate) (0:51)
15. Richard Looks At Lilli (1:57)
16. Richard Spies (Original) (1:04)
17. Richard vs. Shark On Reef (0:43)
18. IÕll Move My Bed (0:45)
19. First Menstruation (0:22)
20. Richard Enters Jungle (Revised) (1:42)
21. Love Montage (2:53)
22. Ship To Shore (1:24)
23. Water Cask Work Party (1:49)
24. Lilli Is Jealous (2:17)
25. Evil Quinlan And Fight Sequence (5:20)
26. Lilli Pregnant (1:39)
27. ÒA World Of Our OwnÓ (Performed by SURFACE) (4:47)
      Total Time: 54:24

The Extras Ð Alternates and Additional Cues

28. The Easter Egg Hunt (Original) (1:04)
29. Richard Dives For Pearl (Original) (0:51)
30. Richard Spies (Revised) (1:09)
31. Richard vs. Shark On Reef (Alternate) (0:41)
32. 8M1 (0:19)
33. Richard Enters Jungle (Original) (1:41)
34. Beach Meeting (0:29)
35. Quinlan Spots Pearl (Original) (0:12)
36. Quinlan Spots Pearl (Alternate) (0:14)
      Total Alternates Time: 6:49

The Extras Ð Cannibal Drumming Source

37. Distant Cannibal Drumming (0:56)
38. Distant Drumming Continues (1:35)
39. Distant Drumming Continues (Alternate) (1:03)
40. Distant Drumming Continues (Irregular) (1:45)
41. Out Of Rhythm Drums (2:29)
42. Distant Drumming (1:22)
43. Distant Drumming (Alternate No. 1) (1:11)
44. Distant Drumming (Alternate No. 2) (1:37)
45. Cannibal Party Drums No. 1 (0:54)
46. Cannibal Party Drums No. 2 (0:55)
      Drumming Source Time: 13:52