Rescuers Down Under - Complete Score - Limited Edition - Bruce Broughton

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Intrada tackles Disney world of animation soundtracks with expanded premiere of rousing, tuneful Bruce Broughton score for The Rescuers Down Under, sequel to famed studio's 1977 cartoon feature The Rescuers. Mike Gabriel, Hendel Butoy direct, Bob Newhart, Eva Gabor, George C. Scott, John Candy, Adam Ryen provide voices, Bruce Broughton scores. His first animation movie music is robust, melodic, exciting, powerful. Aerial adventures of Bernard and Bianca as they travel to Australia on rescue mission inspire Broughton to create not one but two major themes in soaring fashion. One is winding idea in sunny major key that moves up and down in equal doses, the other is forward-leaping idea in lydian mode that propels much of the action. But Broughton has so much more to say, with moments for romance, humor, color, down under localeÉ and dynamic, wildly profuse action. The excitement never stops until the event-filled journey is over! Disney released 35 minutes of highlights on CD at time of movie's release. Intrada CD offers everything from that 1990 album but now expands entire presentation to 63 minutes plus an additional 10 minutes of alternates. Highlights of previously unreleased material are many but deserving special spotlight are several dynamic, aggressive sequences for evil poacher McLeach (George C. Scott) - almost all of them absent from earlier album. Aggressive ideas for villainous character feature dynamic, chopping figures for trombone, slashing responses from upper brass. Entire recording benefits from unusually crisp performances, captured in sizzling manner by Robert Fernandez at Warner Bros.Studios with additional recording done by Armin Steiner at 20th Century Fox Studios. Entire CD mastered from digital two-track scoring session mixes courtesy Disney. One of legendary composer Bruce Broughton's most dynamic soundtracks ever! Informative notes by Tim Greiving, flipper-style booklet cover design by Joe Sikoryak gives listeners choice of new artwork taken from exciting theatrical poster campaign or dramatic 1990 album cover. Bruce Broughton composes, conducts.

Track Listing
01. Main Title (1:34)
02. Answering The Call (1:32)
03. Cody Rescues Marahute/At The Nest (6:02)
04. McLeachÕs Arrival (0:55)
05. The Feathers (2:00)
06. Message Montage (2:49)
07. The Restaurant Scene (3:06)
08. See Wilbur (0:27)
09. Wilbur Takes Off (1:29)
10. Returning With Cody (1:16)
11. BiancaÕs Kiss (0:32)
12. Arrival Down Under (0:52)
13. The Landing (2:02)
14. Big Time Hurt (0:26)
15. Launch The Back Brace (1:03)
16. Squirrel Travel (0:50)
17. McLeach Threatens Cody (1:20)
18. Bernard Almost Proposes (1:36)
19. Cody In Cage (0:36)
20. Escape Attempt (1:30)
21. Bucking Fireflies (0:45)
22. Patient Escaping/Wilbur Splits (1:26)
23. Eggs* (1:12)
24. ThatÕs It (0:39)
25. FrankÕs Out! (3:23)
26. McLeachÕs Lie/WilburÕs Punctuation (3:19)
27. Cody Finds The Eggs/Marahute Caught/Joanna And The Eggs (6:34)
28. A Loose End (1:53)
29. At Croc Falls (1:52)
30. The Keys (1:35)
31. Bernard The Hero/Wilbur The Mom* (4:07)
32. End Credits (3:37)
Total Score Time: 63:25

The Extras

33. Message Montage* (Alternate) (2:48)
34. The Restaurant Scene* (Alternate) (3:07)
35. Bernard The Hero* (Alternate) (3:53)
Total Extras Time: 9:54
* Not Featured in Film