Rent A Cop - Expanded Score - Jerry Goldsmith

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World premiere release of complete score for Jerry London private detective thriller with Burt Reynolds, Liza Minnelli, James Remar. Jerry Goldsmith produced somewhat brief original 1988 album for Intrada, deleted much action music from final reels of movie, focused on romantic theme for piano & strings. (Gorgeous melody was admittedly a favorite of composer.) New release includes all previously unreleased cues plus two Christmas tunes heard early in film, recorded by Goldsmith, arranged by co-orchestrator Nancy Beach. Amongst several highlights are haunting solo trumpet line for lone cop Reynolds (a Goldsmith trademark) plus brief, exciting "Flash Bomb" sequence that brings killer Dancer (James Remar) to a vivid end! Entire CD mastered directly from digital two-track stereo masters mixed at CBS Studios in London. Jerry Goldsmith conducts.
Track Listing
01. Rent-A-Cop 2:21
02. The Bust 6:02
03. Late Trick 1:29
04. Lonely Cop 1:38
05. The Platform 1:06
06. The Room 3:16
07. Russian Roulette 1:39
08. The Station 2:52
09. This Is The Guy 3:22
10. Get Dancer 1:33
11. They Need Me 1:47
12. Creep; Hello Roger 1:09
13. Lake Forest 2:11
14. My Car 0:55
15. Worth A Lot 2:35
16. Lights Out 2:17
17. Freeze; Flash Bomb 1:45
18. A Good Cop 0:50
19. Jump 4:36
Total Score Time: 44:31

Bonus Track
20. This Is The Guy (Original 1988 Album Assembly) 3:56
Two Christmas Carols Arranged by Nancy Beach
Conducted by Jerry Goldsmith
21. Deck The Halls 1:07
22. Jingle Bells 1:36
Total Bonus Track Time: 6:49