Red Sonja - Expanded Score - Limited 2000 Copies - Ennio Morricone

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With the Varese CD long out of print, the release of this album fills a gap in many a listener's Morricone collection. The music is sequenced in chronological film order so that it makes sense, and not in an arranged "suite" as it was on previous albums. The cue "Entering the Castle" can be heard here for the first time on an official album. A great score by the Maestro that has been long sought after. It comes with a 16-page booklet with liner notes by film music expert Gergely Hubai that analyze the music on a track-by-track basis and tell about the impact of the score on the genre in particular.
Track Listing
1 Prologue 1:24
2 Main Title 2:22
3 The Talisman 3:15
4 Temple Raid 1:39
5 Touch It 1:03
6 Sonja And The Sword Master 1:49
7 Vanna's Death 2:00
8 The Gate Of Brytag 1:47
9 Sonja Vs. Brytag 1:14
10 Fighting The Soldiers 3:36
11 The Chamber Of Lights 2:02
12 Sorcery 0:46
13 Sonja Teaches Tam 1:33
14 Treasure In The Cavern 2:07
15 Kalidor and Sonja 1:43
16 A Fair Fight 1:50
17 Entering The Castle 2:12
18 Sonja Defeats The Queen 1:36
19 End Credits 3:42