Reanimator / Ghoulies - Complete Scores - Richard Band

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World premiere of complete score from Stuart Gordon's over-the-top 1985 horror movie RE-ANIMATOR, starring Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, Bruce Abbott. First release in chronological sequence, with music previously unreleased, presented from original 1/2" three-track session masters. (Earlier versions were truncated and had heavily processed audio that diminished the stereo image.) Definitive Intrada release also offers complete orchestral score by Richard Band for Luca Bercovici horror movie GHOULIES, starring Peter Liapis. CD features everything Band composed specifically for movie about Satanic horrors set in old mansion, presented in stereo from 1/2" three-track session masters. (Much of picture was tracked with music from other films.) Daniel Schweiger offers informative liner notes, Richard Band conducts SOLD OUT!
Track Listing
01. Main Title 2:39
02. Clown Room 1:08
03. Ghoulie Love 3:06
04. Clown Eyes 5:20
05. End Credits 2:42
Total Score Time: 15:07
06. Prologue and Main Title 4:13
07. WhereÕs the Cat?; The Cellar 4:05
08. The Cat Experiment; Searching for the Body in the Morgue 4:32
09. Waiting for a Reaction; First Corpse to be Re-Animated 4:02
10. HalseyÕs Back 1:46
11. Halsey Alive 1:19
12. The Lab 0:23
13. Meg & Dr. Hill 1:08
14. More Lab; Parts, Whole Parts 3:40
15. Halsey Lobotomized; Stinger Ð Version 11:39
16. Stinger Ð Version 2; Body and Soul 3:17
17. Halsey Grabs Meg 1:09
18. Corpses Re-Animated 1:31
19. Corpses Run Amok 6:13
20. Meg Re-Animated and End Title 3:58
Total Score Time: 43:25