Ransom - Complete Score - Jerry Goldsmith

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Original soundtrack from Caspar Wrede terrorist thriller with Sean Connery. Jerry Goldsmith creates winding main theme with emphasis on minor-key harmony, surrounds idea with pulsating rhythmic figures for piano, staccato brass, bass and snare drum. Solo trumpet lines, jagged figures for twin pianos stand out amongst orchestral colors. Score has always enjoyed odd history on record: Low quality original LP combined mono tracks with stereo, repeated several tracks as well. Subsequent CD on Silva label omitted duplications but perpetuated poor sound. Current release on Prometheus still draws from original LP source (sadly, not indicated in liner notes) but cleans noise significantly, improves on fidelity as well. Presumably as good as this one's going to get. Jerry Goldsmith conducts National Philharmonic Orchestra
Track Listing
1. Ransom - Main Theme (2:41)
2. Standard Issue (1:49)
3. Queen's Messenger (2:39)
4. Mission Aborted (5:05)
5. No Alternative (2:23)
6. Sky Chaser (5:40)
7. Course Of Action (2:59)
8. Just Sit Tight (2:39)
9. No Alternative - Reprise (2:24)
10. Peeping Tom (2:39)
11. Ransom - End Credits (2:38)