Rambo III - Complete Score - Limited Edition - Jerry Goldsmith

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Rambo III re-sequenced, re-mastered, re-packaged! After lengthy delay, third and final score by Jerry Goldsmith in initial Rambo trilogy finally brings Intrada CD series under one roof at the same time. John Rambo takes on Russians in Afghanistan in effort to rescue captured Colonel Trainman. Sylvester Stallone, Richard Crenna star, John Stainier photographs, Stallone & Sheldon Lettich script, Buzz Feitshans produces, Peter MacDonald directs. Jerry Goldsmith writes his longest Rambo score, infuses it with the largest number of thematic ideas as well. Melodies from first two films do appear but this time Goldsmith emphasizes all-new Rambo-in-action material with new rhythmic foundations as well. Also of note: Architectural device of new four-note building block that launches new theme. Motif not only anchors new Rambo theme but also opens other new material including music for Afghanistan locale plus beautiful minor-key theme underlining RamboÕs loyalty to new friends helping him in his cause. Capturing center stage none-the-less is dynamic action music wherein four-note motif in brass over familiar mixed-meter rhythms in left-hand digital piano literally propel Rambo into action. Goldsmith himself dubbed forte performance of piano overlays during mixing to create unusually commanding timbre. Post-production editing of the film created necessity to truncate numerous cues, replace others with tracks from second film. As such, CD for Rambo III features music not heard in final film. Highlights of score are numerous but standing tall is powerful ending sequence when Rambo parts with new friends, rides off in Jeep with Trautman. Here, Goldsmith returns to his very first ÒHomecomingÓ theme from movie that launched series, First Blood. As solo trumpet gives way to strings, entire orchestra crescendoes in powerful fortissimo farewell to this most emotional of Goldsmith themes. Entire following end credit music heard in same cue (ÒIÕll StayÓ) offers magnificent medley of new action theme with haunting minor-key theme, culminating in stirring coda that melds both second and third filmÕs themes in single muscular flourish. Great finale to the trilogy! Intrada presents entire score from first generation three-track masters mixed by Mike Ross-Trevor from his original Otari 32-track digital scoring session elements. Previous releases were produced from two-track session DATs. New mastering adds weight, clarity. Score also now presented for the first time in film sequence. New liner notes focusing on thematic ideas plus revised packaging from Kay Marshall complete this definitive look at a genuine Goldsmith action classic! ÒThe first time was for himself. The second was for his country. This time is for his friend.Ó Arthur Morton, Nancy Beach orchestrate, Jerry Goldsmith composes, conducts Hungarian State Opera Orchestra.

Track Listing

01. Carolco Logo (0:19)
02. Preparations (6:24)
03. The Money (0:51)
04. Another Time (3:56)
05. IÕm Used To It (0:59)
06. Peshawar (1:11)
07. Afghanistan (2:37)
08. Questions (3:37)
09. Then IÕll Die (3:34)
10. The Game (2:25)
11. Flaming Village (4:07)
12. The Aftermath (2:42)
13. Night Entry (3:59)
14. Under And Over (2:55)
15. Night Fight (6:51)
16. First Aid (2:45)
17. The Long Climb (2:58)
18. Going Down (1:04)
19. Running Wild (0:30)
20. Find Cover (0:51)
21. The Cave (3:32)
22. The Boot (1:54)
23. You Did It, John (1:07)
24. Final Battle (6:13)
25. IÕll Stay (9:01)