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Raise The Titanic - Complete Score - (Black Vinyl) - Limited 500 Copies - John Barry

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John Barry√ïs √íRaise The Titanic√ì is the first in a new series of Silva Screen vinyl releases for the serious soundtrack collector.  The series will include scores of outstanding quality that for some reason or another exist in their best form as a recording made subsequently to the original soundtrack.
The masters for Barry√ïs √íRaise The Titanic√ì were lost and the film was panned by both critics and audiences alike upon its release in 1980.  When Barry went on to win an Oscar for his supremely successful score for √íOut of Africa√ì five years later, the demand for a release of √íRaise The Titanic√ì resulted in The City of Prague Philharmonic making the recording for Silva Screen Records, conducted by Nic Raine who worked as Barry's arranger and orchestrator for over 15 years.
This critically acclaimed recording can now be enjoyed on vinyl for the first time.

Track Listing
1          Prelude
2          Main Title / The Mine Shaft
3          The Sicilian Project / Dog Attack
4          The Sicilian Defence / Southby / The Mountain Comes To Us
5          We're In Business
6          To Cornwall / All That's Left (Memories Of The Titanic)
7          Deep Quest / Flood!
8          Finding The Cornet / Spy On Board / The Smoke Stack
B SIDE          
1          The Titanic Uncovered
2          Gene Explores The Titanic / Deep Quest Trapped
3          Rescue Attempt / Blowing The Tanks
4          Raise The Titanic / Deep Quest Saved
5          Memories Of The Titanic
6          Russian Threat / The Titanic Enters New York Harbor
7          "Thank God For Southby" / In The Graveyard / End Titles