Race With The Devil / Making Love - Complete Scores - Limited Edition - Leonard Rosenman

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Action and romance both get their say in world premiere Leonard Rosenman two-on-one CD! Headlining is full-throttle action of Race With The Devil (1975). Road trip/satanic thriller stars Peter Fonda, Warren Oates. Loretta Swit, Lara Parker, R.G. Armstrong provide support. Veteran actor Jack Starrett directs. Leonard Rosenman provides chilling, thrilling modernist score to outdoor tale of two couples on RV road trip becoming accidental witness to ritual sacrifice. Soon theyÕre in fast retreat while ever-widening Satanic conspiracy threatens their lives. Rosenman launches with challenging harmonic scheme featuring harpsichord electric violin, quickly moving to agitated ideas for brass, percussion. Wild! Subsequent material highlights intensity of action with unusual colors and playing technique: exposed bass clarinet writing, double-stop glissandi for strings, woodwinds designed to produce single tones actually producing two simultaneously (split-tone multiphonics), brass both muted and open, Super Ball on piano strings, so forth. Adding to unusual color is omission of upper strings save electric violin. Fans of composerÕs two Planet Of The Apes sequels should be delirious! In balance is gorgeous score from Making Love (1982). Michael Ontkean, Kate Jackson, Harry Hamlin, Wendy Hiller, Arthur Hill star. Barry Sandler scripts, Arthur Hiller directs. Love triangle, character study, literate portrait of self-discovery, coming out, all are emotional devices of intelligent story. Rosenman approaches with rich main theme in warm Americana fashion. Melodic contour is not dissimilar to his own celebrated Rebel Without A Cause. Strings, piano and woodwinds dominate orchestral color with piano, solo oboe two highlights. Alto flute another warm timbre. RosenmanÕs style here is decidedly tonal, frequently transparent, 180 degrees opposite of jagged intensity of Race With The Devil. A study in contrasts! Both scores presented in stereo (except for two cues drawn from mono stems), restored and mixed by Michael Matessino from original session elements, courtesy 20th Century Fox. Nick Redman supervises project, Kay Marshall art directs, literate notes by Deniz Cordell complete package. Both scores recorded at 20th Century Fox Scoring Stage in Los Angeles. Leonard Rosenman conducts.

Track Listing
Making Love
1. Prelude (6:56)
2. Bart (3:49)
3. Zack (3:03)
4. Zack And Claire (1:40)
5. Driving (1:51)
6. Claire Sees Zack (1:35)
7. Postlude (6:07)
      Making Love √ê Time: 25:01

Race With the Devil
8. Main Title (1:40)
9. The Alamo (0:57)
10. Crossing Bridge (1:45)
11. The Campsite (0:26)
12. Bike Race (2:16)
13. DevilÕs Note / The Pool (1:08)
14. Hanging Dog (0:57)
15. The Snake (2:34)
16. DogÕs Grave (1:10)
17. General Store (0:44)
18. Gas Man (2:03)
19. The Crash (3:57)
20. Wizard Reacts (4:16)
21. A Tree (1:58)
22. Phony Accident (3:29)
23. End Title Strings (0:37)
      Race With the Devil √ê Time: 29:52

Making Love Ð Extras
24. Alternate #1 (0:46)
25. Alternate #2 (0:46)
26. Alternate #3 (1:24)
27. Theme - Jazz Version (2:32)
28. Theme - Ballad Version (2:49)
29. Song Demo (ÒMaking LoveÓ) (3:30)
      Making Love √ê Extras Time: 12:02