Questa Specie d'Amore - Complete Score - (Gatefold Blue Vinyl) - Limited Edition - Ennio Morricone

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"Questa specie d'amore" is a 1972 movie by Alberto Bevilacqua, here in a dual role of writer and director, since the film is taken from his book by the same name. Two years after "La Califfa", Bevilacqua confirmed Ugo Tognazzi as the main actor and Ennio Morricone as soundtrack composer.
While the first one confirms himself as an exceptional protagonist, in the dual role of father and son, the second is not far behind, as the author of a beautiful romantic and poignant. Yet another excellent product of the film and musical Italian, set in the socio-political ferment of the early 70s.
The score of "Questa specie d'amore" was published on a full-length LP in '72, a very rare item today, and later on CD with the addition of seven tracks. This reissue is the very first ever on vinyl, and presents a renewed artwork and includes all the sixteen cuts of the complete edition of the soundtrack.

Track Listing
Side A
1.Questa specie d'amore
2.Federico e la sua solitudine
3.Roma baldracca
4.La terra del padre
5.Giovanna e Federico
6.Al popolo di Parma

Side B
7.La madre
8.Questa specie d'amore
9.La terra del padre
10.Roma baldracca
11.Giovanna e Federico
12.La terra del padre
13.Questa specie d'amore
14.Federico e la sua solitudine
15.La terra del padre
16.Questa specie d'amore