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Psycho II - Original Score - Jerry Goldsmith

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Wow, Jerry Goldsmith's most requested & admired scores from the hit sequel to Alfred Hitchcock's classic suspense/horror movie, Psycho. Directed by Richard Franklin, this 1983 classic had all the style & quality of the original. Jerry Goldsmith was Franklin's 1st choice and one of the best choices made during production was the choice of Jerry Goldsmith as composer. Goldsmith was already a strong presence in the film score world, and was a good fit to emulate (if not replicate) HermannÕs original, iconic, string-based themes from the original film. Precious little of this score was released on any format, and the CD has long since gone out of print. Jerry Goldsmith created a very moody & suspensful score.This classic album has been long out of print and very rare, we have 2 unsealed copies available and don't expect them to be around long!. SOLD OUT.
Track Listing
The Murder *
Main Title
DonÕt Take Me
MotherÕs Room
ItÕs Not Your Mother
New Furniture
The Cellar
Blood Bath
End Title
* features original themes by Bernard Hermann