Prometheus - 2 x CD Deluxe Edition - Limited Edition - Marc Streitenfeld / Harry Gregson Williams

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The deluxe edition soundtrack to Ridley Scott's prequel to Alien, Prometheus. Composed by Marc Streitenfeld & Harry G Williams, this superlative edition expands completely the stunning & sweeping score as it's meant to be heard.
Comprising of every cue & take composed along with a fantastic 8 page booklet detailing the movie & composers. Truly awesome.
Track Listing
03-Prelude Op.28 No 15 in D flat
05-Planet Arrival
06-Weyland Speech
07-Friend From The Past
08-Shaw & Holloway Briefing
09-Vickers' Lifeboat
10-Planet Descent
12-Open My Present
13-Finding The Pyramid
14-Enter The Pyramid
15-Helmets Off
16-Ghost Running
17-Gian Head / Ampule Room
18-Fifield & Milburn Stranded
19-Head Autopsy
20-Try Harder
21-Small Beginnings
22-Drop Into Glass
23-A Ping
24-We Come From Them
25-Love Scene
26-What Glitch? Hammerpede
27-Going In
28-David Discovers The Chamber
29-Planting The Seed
30-Hello Mommy
32-Holloway Is Sick
33-Planetarium Choirs


01-Engineer Flute Source
02-Sleeping Engineer
03-Holloway Is Burned
04-Not A Traditional Fetus
05-Playing Possum
06-Fifield Attacks
07-Weyland Awakes
08-Shaw & Janek Band
09-Goodbye Father
10-It's A Ship
11-Engineer Flute Source 2
12-Giant Awakes
13-Juggernaut / Space Jockey
15-Ship Fall
16-Shaw Survives
17-No Oxygen
18-Shaw Vs. Engineer
19-There Are Many Others
20-Deacon Birth
21-End Roll Suite #1
22-End Roll Suite #2
24-David Suite
25-Dreams Drum Source
26-Shaw & Holloway Briefing (Alt)
27-Holloway Is Sick (Alt)
28-Trailer #1
29-Trailer #1 (Alt)
30-Trailer #2
31-Trailer #2 (Alt)
32-Trailer #3
33-Trailer #4