Prison - Complete Score - Richard Band / Christopher Stone

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CD world premiere for intense Richard Band/Christopher L. Stone soundtrack to early Renny Harlin horror movie with Lane Smith, Viggo Mortensen, Chelsea Field. Band & Stone pushed WaveFrame synthesizer technology to limits, created music with symphonic composition in feel yet electronic in execution. Score was originally released on LP in 1987. Actual album masters have vanished, but interestingly, composers kept portions of their original 1/2" multi-track session elements intact. With aid of LP itself, Intrada was able to build composite newly-mastered CD from both tape & LP elements. Happily, portions of remaining 1/2" session masters revealed a few minutes of previously unreleased music, which we have also included here. Score certainly puts scare in the word scary! Richard Band & Christopher L. Stone perform
Track Listing
01. Main Title/Catherine/Execution 4:12
02. The Prison Cellar 0:56
03. The Entity Is Released 3:31
04. Death In Solitary 8:25
05. Barbed Wire Unleashed 0:42
06. Stripdown 5:06
07. RabbitÕs Escape And Death 5:27
08. The Inmates Sense The Entity 2:16
09. The WardenÕs Recurring Nightmare 5:02
10. Sandor Calls Up The Spirit 1:51
11. The Prison Break/Finale 4:54