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Princess Alexandra - Complete Score - Limited 500 Copies - Serge Franklin

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World Premiere Release.
75 minutes of music never-before-released.
8-page CD booklet with French and English liner notes by Sylvain Pfeffer.
In collaboration with Universal Publishing Production Music, Music Box Records presents the world premiere release of composer Serge FranklinÕs original television score to the 1992 drama Princesse Alexandra, directed by Denis Amar (Asphalte, Ennemis intimes).
Princesse Alexandra, an ambitious two-part historical TV film, is adapted from the American novel Winter of the Heart by Linda J. LaRosa. The themes developed in the film - a passionate love-story and numerous adventures on a historical background - make it akin to the popular serial genre.
Serge Franklin composed an epic and majestic symphonic score for choir and orchestra, in the continuity of his previous work on A Tale of Two Cities (1989) and LÕEnfant des loups (1990). The whole score is dominated by a theme full of aristocratic restraint that shrouds the character of Alexandra in an ample veil of notes. The filmÕs numerous twists and turns, such as the chase and duel scenes, allowed the composer to write more lively pieces. The FYSIO Symphony Orchestra and Kuhn's Choir have been recorded and conducted by Mario Klemens in Prague.
The soundtrack debut of Princesse Alexandra has been fully mastered from the recording session tapes. The 8-page booklet features an essay by Sylvain Pfeffer discussing the film and the score based on an original interview with the composer.

Track Listing
1. Princesse Alexandra (G≈Ωn≈Ωrique D≈Ωbut) (2:56)
2. La Chasse (3:49)
3. L'Attente (1:02)
4. Le Couvent (2:52)
5. Les Voleurs (2:26)
6. Le Prix de la Libert≈Ω (2:09)
7. L'Alliance (2:59)
8. Stephan (1:36)
9. L'Exil (2:44)
10. Le Destin d'Alexandra (2:13)
11. Madame Mabilleau (1:05)
12. Les Brodeuses (4:56)
13. La ColÔøΩre de Fr≈Ωd≈Ωric (2:14)
14. Fabio et Alexandra (1:54)
15. Franz (0:57)
16. Fabio et GisÔøΩle (1:33)
17. L'Invitation (1:34)
18. Le D≈Ωfil≈Ω de Mode (4:28)
19. D”ner Chez le Marquis (2:02)
20. Le Secret de Jeanne Barbier (2:28)
21. La D≈Ωclaration en Mariage (2:20)
22. Le Bal Masqu≈Ω (2:34)
23. Le March≈Ω (3:39)
24. La Liste des Tu≈Ωs (2:16)
25. Une Nuit avec Fabio (2:42)
26. Le CÏur en Fuite (1:28)
27. Face ÀÜ Face (3:03)
28. Les Adieux (1:54)
29. Le Retour (1:12)
30. L'Affrontement (2:00)
31. Une Femme Libre (1:00)
32. Princesse Alexandra (G≈Ωn≈Ωrique Fin) (1:55)
Total Time ¥ 75:22