Pretty Maids All In A Row - Complete Score - Limited 3000 Copies - Lalo Schifrin

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This FSM CD presents SchifrinÕs complete scoreÑincluding some music not heard in the filmÑfor the first time in any format. Notes by Jeff Bond and Alexander Kaplan detail the filmÕs history, including the interesting relationship between Roddenberry and Vadim. FSMÕs customary track-by-track commentary highlights SchifrinÕs contribution to the story telling.
Pretty Maids All in a Row is so at odds with todayÕs social and sexual mores that it appears to come not just from another decade, but another dimension. The music, however, is solid Schifrin, and sure to please his legion of fans.
Track Listing
01. Chilly Winds (Main Title) Performed by The Osmonds
02. Ponce/Ponce (alternate)/Chilly Winds
03. Campus Pop Source
04. Jean/Chilly Winds/Chilly Winds
05. Tiger Source
06. Tiger SourceÑContinued
07. Check Your Queen
08. Yvonne/The Other Tiger/Lecture on Love
09. Radio Source No. 1
10. Miss SmithÕs Apartment (Source No. 1)
11. Miss SmithÕs Apartment (Source No. 2)
12. Radio Source No. 2
13. Is He Gone?/So Long, Honey/Chilly Winds
14. Tiger Fini/In Memoriam
15. Chilly Winds (End Title) Performed by The Osmonds
Bonus Tracks
16. Chilly Winds (Main Title, alternate)
17. Chilly Winds (End Title, alternate)