Predators – 2 x CD Complete Score – Limited Edition – John Debney


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The 2CD complete soundtrack album of the 2010 science fiction film Predators. It was composed by John Debney and was originally released on July 5, 2010 via La-La Land Records, but now long out of print. The score is completely orchestral and makes use of several themes from the first two films by Alan Silvestri. The main “Predator”-theme plays for the first time in the film when the Predators first appear. Later it is used at several points throughout the film. John Debney provides a stupendous score and manages to musically create something very similar to the original Silvestri score. Another fantastic release from Cimmerian Records
Track Listing
01. Predators
02. Free Fall
03. Free Fall (Revised)
04. Single Shooter
05. Meeting Isabelle & Hanzo
06. Mombasa and Stans Fight
07. 40
08. This Is Hell
09. Later That Day
10. Trek-The Rocks
11. This Is Not Our World
12. Cage-TripWires
13. Not of this Earth
14. Hound Attack
15. We’re Being Hunted
16. Help Me
17. We Run, We Die
18. We Run, We Die (Insert)
19. Predator Attack
20. Death Camp-Meet Mr. Black
21. Isabell’s Story
22. They See Our Traps
23. Over Here
24. Over Here (Alt)
01. Trek to Noland’s-Noland’s Place
02. How Do We Kill Them
03. We Are Predators
04. We Are Predators (Alt.)
05. Smoke
06. Smoke (Insert)
07. Wheres the Predator
08. Edwin Alone
09. Nikolai Blows (Ver. 1)
10. Nikolai Blows (Ver. 2)
11. Stans Last Stand (Ver. 1)
12. Stans Last Stand (Ver. 2)
13. Hanzo’s Last Stand
14. Leg Trap (Ver. 1)
15. Leg Trap (Ver. 2)
16. Take Me to the Ship (Ver. 1)
17. Take Me to the Ship (Ver. 2)
18. Edwin and Isabelle Captured
19. Predator Fight-Royce Runs
20. Twisted Edwin-Royce Returns
21. She’s Paralyzed-Prep for Battle-Fire Fight
22. Royce vs Predator
23. Lets Get off This Planet
24. Lets Get off this Planet (Alt.)
12 Pages Booklet
Total Duration: 125:55

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