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Complete score to the 1995 paranormal motion picture, Powder composed by the legendary, Jerry Goldsmith.  The film’s score was written by Jerry Goldsmith. Director Victor Salva personally wanted Goldsmith to score the music of the film because he had been “an enormous fan” of the composer’s work. Originally released by Intrada 7 years ago now long out of print, this edition fully expands the score to its delight, as some cues heard are of such amazing wonder that its hard to see why most were omitted from the Intrada release. Starring Mary Steenburgen, Sean Patrick Flanery, Jeff Goldbum, Lance Henrikson. Extraordinary “sleeper” hit for Disney, written by director Salva, brings young Flanery from confined basement life into the real outside world, where he makes both friends, enemies. Nicknamed “Powder” due his hairless, pure white skin, emotional story of youngster born from commingling of human mother and lightning moves him through mystery, terror, awakening and ultimately a transformation into pure energy. Jerry Goldsmith writes music that conveys incredible range, from drama to mystery, from gentle warmth to outright terror, from awakening feelings to outdoor journeys through forests, nature. When climax is reached, Goldsmith ushers in his entire orchestra with powerful symphonic apotheosis rare in film music! Alexander Courage orchestrates, Jerry Goldsmith conducts National Philharmonic Orchestra Many cues and outtakes not used are present here. Limited Edition pressings.
Track Listing
DISC ONE (45:28)
01 – Theme From Powder
02 – Main Title
03 – Not My Son
04 – Something In The Basement
05 – Recting Melville
06 – Powder Leaves Home
07 – Powder On Blue
08 – Spoons
09 – The Barnum House
10 – Spoon Trick And The Trestle
11 – First Day Of School
12 – Jacob’s Ladder
13 – Ripley Gets Zapped
14 – The Dog
15 – Jessie & Amp
16 – Surprise
17 – The Day I Was Born
18 – The White Fire
19 – Nature Walk
20 – The Deer
21 – Nightmare In The Forest
22 – You Pretend Everything
23 – He Can’t Hear You
24 – Afraid To Touch
25 – That Thing Ain’t Right
DISC TWO (57:54)
01 – The Snow
02 – First Kiss
03 – Running Away
04 – I’m Alone
05 – I Keep That Hat
06 – Return Of John Box
07 – Freakshow
08 – Returning Home
09 – Jessie & Amp / Powder
10 – Everywhere
11 – Wanna See A Trick!
12 – End Titles
13 – Cello Concerto
14 – Take A Session
15 – No One Like You
16 – Powder Suite
Total Disc Time: (103:22)

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