Posse / Last Tycoon - Complete Score - Maurice Jarre

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World premiere of two complete Maurice Jarre soundtracks, both presented in dynamic stereo sound from original multi-track session elements maintained in Paramount vaults in mint condition. First is exciting outdoor action score for 1975 Kirk Douglas western with star as director chasing down killer Bruce Dern. Music expertly melds two distinct ideas into one cohesive work: rousing Americana-tinged fanfare motif for Marshal, dramatic baritone horn motif for killer. Powerful, aggressive rhythms throughout are further highlights. In contrast, second half of CD contains rich, nostalgic score for 1976 Elia Kazan drama with terrific cast, headed by young Robert De Niro plus Tony Curtis, Robert Mitchum, Jack Nicholson, many others. Jarre writes in signature melodic style. Lovely "End Title" stands out amongst several beautiful cues. Both scores are relatively brief: POSSE runs 30 minutes, LAST TYCOON runs 25 minutes. CD includes numerous "extras" from each score to round out disc. Lukas Kendall, Neil Bulk develop project for Intrada. Detailed notes by Jeff Bond, dramatic design work by Joe Sikoryak round out neat package. Maurice Jarre conducts.
Track Listing

Posse - The Album
01. Burning Dollars And Main Title 6:45
02. Strawhorn 6:58
03. You Are Too Ambitious 2:26
04. Sad Prospect 1:41
05. Strawhorn Escapes 6:14
06. Confrontation And End Title 6:29
Posse Total Score Time: 30:38

Posse - The Extras
07. Saloon 0:50 08. Turkey In The Straw (Traditional/Arr. M. Jarre) 1:09
09. Support Our Marshal (M. Jarre) 0:18
10. For He's A Jolly Good Fellow (Traditional/Arr. M. Jarre) 0:13
11. Under The Double Eagle (Josef Franz Wagner/Arr. M. Jarre) 2:12
Posse Total Extras Time: 4:45
The Last Tycoon - The Album
12. Main Title 0:56
13. After The Flood 1:07
14. On Kathleen's Porch 1:03
15. Alone In Their Own World - Alternate 1:53
16. Candle Scene 3:01
17. It's Here 3:32
18. On The Beach 1:16
19. The Letter 2:53
20. You Have The Choice (Maurice Jarre & Harold Pinter) 3:45
21. An Unexpected Call 0:22
22. Organ Preview 1:10
23. Remembrance 1:20
24. End Title 2:19
The Last Tycoon Total Score Time: 24:49

The Last Tycoon - The Extras
25. After The Flood - Alternate 1:06
26. Alone In Their Own World (Film Version) 1:06
27. Ballroom Medley 7:47
28. My Silent Love - Alternate (E. Heyman & D. Seusse) 2:59
29. "Mi Par D'udir Ancora" from The Pearl Fishers (Bizet) 3:15
The Last Tycoon Total Extras Time: 16:20