Poltergeist 2 The Other Side - 2CD Complete Score - Jerry Goldsmith

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For this first time ever complete release of Poltergeist II: The Other Side, we have gone back to the original three-track mixdowns as prepared by Jerry Goldsmith. All cues are present and accounted for. Furthermore, we have some bonus tracks Ð two cues that were on the previous CDs with choir, as they were recorded, were played in the film without the choir and weÕve included those film versions. Also, the cue ÒLate CallÓ had a toy phone sound effect on the first release, that wasnÕt included on the second, but was on the third Ð we include it in our bonus section, just for completeness sake, and there are several other nice bonus tracks, including an alternate version of one of the new cues making its first appearance on this CD.

It is a pleasure to release this wonderful Goldsmith score from one of his most fertile periods, complete and in beautiful sound. There was no one like Jerry Goldsmith Ð he was a film music force like no other. He could do anything Ð romance, comedy, drama, horror, sci-fi, thriller, mystery Ð his music has made great films greater and mediocre films tolerable. He understood film music and its purpose as well as any film composer who ever lived.
01 The Power
02 Things
03 The Mall
04 The Past
05 Late Call
06 The Dream
07 Clouds/ItÕs No Use
08 Take Care
09 Butterflies
10 The Visitor
11 Wild Braces
12 Leave Us Alone
13 The Smoke
14 The Drink
15 The Worm/Out of the Ceiling
16 Faces/Back to Cuesta Verde
17 Reaching Out
18 End Title (Carol AnneÕs Theme)

DISC 2 Bonus Tracks
01 Wild Braces (Film Version)
02 The Worm (Film Version)
03 The Visitor (without choir)
04 The Smoke (without choir)
05 The Dream (alternate version)
06 Late Call (with toy telephone sound effect)
07 ItÕs No Use (choir track)
08 Star Spangled Banner