Platoon / Salvador - Original Scores - Georges Delerue

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Two original soundtrack recordings on a single CD. The first is the exciting original score for the 1985 film SALVADOR directed by Oliver Stone (JFK) and starring James Woods (Once Upon a Time in America) featuring the original film score composed by Georges Delerue and performed by the Vancover Symphony Orchestra and Chorus. The Second film score is for the 1986 academy-award winning film PLATOON directed by Oliver Stone and starring Charlie Sheen (Young Guns), Willem Dafoe (Spider Man) and Tom Berenger (Gettysburg). The CD features the mostly un-used score by composer Georges Delerue, Delerue's recoding of Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings and the film's closing narration by Charle Sheen.
Track Listing
SALVADORE - Original Soundtrack
1. Main Title
2. El Playon
3. At the Border
4. The Road Block
5. The Assassination
6. Carlos is Dead
7. Tanks and Troops
8. Salvador
9. Goodbye, Maria
10. Siege at Santa Ana
11. The Mourners
12. Love Theme/Finale

PLATOON -Original Soundtrack
13. Main Title
14. Bunker to Village
15. Platoon: Sorrow
16. Barnes Shoots Elias/The Turning Point
17. The Soul of an Innocent
18. Killing Barnes/Aftermath
19. Finale
20. Adagio for Strings - Samual Barber
(Closing Narration by Charlie Sheen)