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Planet Of The Apes - Expanded Score - Jerry Goldsmith

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This CD features two original soundtrack recordings by Jerry Goldsmith, the first is the first ever release of his complete score to the 1968 film PLANET OF THE APES and his 1971 sequel score for ESCAPE FROM THE PLANET OF THE APES...One of Hollywood's most prolific and innovative composers, Jerry Goldsmith truly surpassed anything that he had previously done with the score to the 1968 film. A groundbreakingly exciting composition, the music exudes mystery, danger, and otherworldly "terror" with its piercing strings, thunderous percussion, and simulated "ape" sounds. The music is a listener's treat to the magnificence of Goldsmith at his best. It would be several years later before he bested "Planet" with the Academy Award-winning "Omen" score and "Star Trek: the Motion Picture," both which should be included in any Goldsmith fan's audio library! This CD also contains a suite from the 1972 sequel "Escape to the Planet of the Apes," a very different of film score due to the setting of the film in contemporary America. This CD clocks in at over 70 minutes!
Track Listing
1. Twentieth Century Fox Fanfare (Composed by Alfred Newman)
2. Main Title
3. Crash Landing
4. The Searchers
5. The Search Continues
6. The Clothes Snatchers
7. The Hunt
8. A New Mate
9. The Revelation
10. No Escape
11. The Trial
12. New Identity
13. A Bid for Freedom
14. The Forbidden Zone
15. The Intruders
16. The Cave
17. The Revelation, Part 2