Pirates - Complete Score - Phillipe Sarde

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Pirates was originally released on LP and then on CD by Varese Sarabande. That release was oddly sequenced, as a quick perusal of the cue titles will tell you. We were going to leave it that way until we actually arranged the cue titles so that they followed the film√ïs story, and once we heard that we knew that we wanted to present it as Sarde wrote it. And interestingly, we later found out that√ïs exactly how the original LP presented the score √ê the CD mixed it all up, but if you look at the LP cue order you√ïll see it√ïs all in film order, sans the music that was added for the CD. The sound has been completely remastered, and additionally there are two bonus cues: the main and end titles as presented in the film, taken from the beautiful-sounding foreign Blu-Ray release. Matey, they don√ït seem to write scores like Pirates anymore, so it√ïs a real treat to have Philippe Sarde√ïs great swashbuckling music back on CD, sounding better than ever with enough buckle and swash for a dozen films.
Track Listing
1. Pirates
2. Two Hungry Pirates, Adrift
3. Captain Red, The Frog, and The Shark
4. Rescued-Yet-Captured
5. Death Of A Captain
6. Mutiny
7. Captain Red Ð Galleon Master
8. Pirates Sneak Into Maracaibo
9. Dead ManÕs Nag
10. Dolores
11. Don Alfonso Escapes
12. Spanish Recapture The Neptune
13. Captain RedÕs Jailbreak
14. Pirates Pursue The Neptune
15. Pirates Aboard
16. Red, The Frog, and The Throne / Boomako and the Snake
17. Captain Red Gains The Throne
18. Setting Sail For New Adventures
19. End Titles
Main Titles (Film Version)