Phantom Of The Opera – Complete Score – Limited Edition – Craig Safan


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New original score for 1925 silent film classic! Craig Safan creates all-new score for Universal’s silent film masterpiece in 2019 update. Nearly 100 years old at time of Safan’s contribution, he brings his unique musical vernacular to Universal horror and romance tale. Rupert Julian directs, Lon Chaney, Mary Philbin, Norman Kerry star. Safan brings considerable experience to scoring silent film classics, having previously been commissioned to create new music for Charlie Chaplin’s 1917 film The Kid. For the Phantom Of The Opera update, Safan composed and conducted a large tapestry featuring Gothic shadings, beautiful romance, tortured suspense, requisite organ and a plethora of quieter passages for solo instruments including a medieval dance. Safan first performed the score with the Del Rey Symphony live to picture in Chace Park for a 2019 premiere with some 2000 in attendance. This new recording on Intrada features the Miles End Symphony with vocal soloist Sonia Kazarova, under the baton of the composer. Exciting and evocative music for more than 76 minutes! Craig Safan conducts!


Track Listing
Soylent Green
Music Composed and Conducted by Fred Myrow
Prologue/Opening City Music 4:20
Can I Do Something for You? 1:47
Out for a Walk/Nothing Like This/Assassin Approaches/Necessary to God/New Tenant 5:29
Stalking the Pad 1:41
Tab’s Pad/Furniture Party 3:43
Shirl and Thorn 2:08
Home Lobby Source 2:58
Sol’s Music 6:29
Symphony Music (Tchaikovsky/Beethoven/Grieg, cond. Gerald Fried) 6:17
Infernal Machine/Thorn in Danger/Are You With Us?/Alternate City Opening/End Credits 5:13
Total Time: 40:21
Demon Seed
Music Composed and Conducted by Jerry Fielding
Birth Scene/Speaking Room/Elk Herd 3:17
Proteus Requests/Light On/Your Phone Is Out 8:24
Visiting Hours/Probed and Put to Bed 3:24
The Gaz Chamber/Rape of the Earth/How?/Hypnosis/Chimes 8:23
Pre-Trip/Big Wind/Sperm/Spirograph/Tetra Waltz 7:18
Last Voyage 2:35
Closing Crawl 2:03
End Credits 3:59
Total Time: 39:28
Total Disc Time: 79:49

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