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Peggy Sue Got Married - Complete Score - John Barry

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John Barry at his most magical. A classic John Barry score treated to a massive expansion and all shined up with a new mix so it sounds better than ever! ItÕs John BarryÕs music that transports us back in time in this film. His score is achingly beautiful and so touching. It captures all of Peggy SueÕs love for her family and longing for home. New CD also features all of the period songs from our original release. A MAJOR Var�se Sarabande CD CLUB release!
Join Kathleen Turner in her Oscar-nominated role, (1986, Best Actress) along with Nicholas Cage and Jim Carrey, in Francis Ford Coppola's triumphant tale of love and acceptance. If you could turn back the hands of time, how would you change destiny? This is the question facing a divorcing Peggy Sue, when she is suddenly transported from her 25th class reunion, back to her senior year in high school! Enabled to alter her future, Peggy Sue dares to stray from the safe path which led to her unhappiness. This time around, she's following her passion, come what may! PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED once. But will she do it again? And with the same man who broke her heart the first time around?
Track Listing
1. Peggy Sue Got Married Performed by Buddy Holly (1:51) 2. Blood Drive 1960 (2:48)
3. Peggy SueÕs Homecoming (3:27)
4. Sleep, Baby (1:00)
5. The Silent Treatment (:52)
6. Time Is Like A Burrito (3:01)
7. Grandmother Calls (1:36)
8. Date With Charlie (1:32)
9. Peggy Sue With Michael (5:03)
10. Did We Break Up [Extended Version] (4:21)
11. CharlieÕs Unplayed Guitar (2:38)
12. Peggy Sue Visits Grandparents (5:14)
13. The Ritual (2:10)
14. CharlieÕs Proposal (3:40)
15. Charlie, I Had The Strangest Experience (6:27)
Source Cues:
16. I Wonder Why Performed by Dion & The Belmonts (2:26)
17. He DonÕt Love You Performed by Nicolas Cage with Pride & Joy (3:19)
18. A Teenager In Love Performed by Dion & The Belmonts (2:43)
19. You Belong To Me Performed by The Marshall Crenshaw Band (2:38)
20. Dance Of The Polovtsian Maidens Composed by Alexander Borodin (2:01)
Alternate Tracks:
21. Sleep, Baby [Alternate] (:52)
22. Peggy Sue With Michael [Alternate] (5:23)
23. Unused Fanfare (:20)