Patrick - Complete Score - Goblin

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One of Goblin's classic 70s horror soundtracks Ð a mix of compressed guitars, keyboards, and some slightly funky rhythms that create an intense edge to the work! The album's got a bit less of the rock-like posturing of some of Goblin's other soundtracks Ð and there's some nice moody numbers on here that groove in a slowly-building style, almost like the best of 70s cop show work Ð moving the group past some of their more rockish or jamming postures. Titles include "Vibrazioni", "Metamorfosi", "Visioni", "Patrick", and "Transmute.
Track Listing
1. Patrick
2. Transmute
3. Bagliori di Luce
4. Visioni
5. Snip Snap
6. Metamorfosi
7. Follie
8. Vibrazioni
9. Metamorfosi II Parte
10. Transmute
11. Visioni
12. Metamorfosi
13. Patrick
14. Transmute
15. Bagliori di Luce
16. Patrick
17. Patrick
18. Patrick
19. Patrick (Finale)