Parasite - Complete Score - Richard Band

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World premiere of original soundtrack from Charles Band horror entry with Demi Moore, Robert Glaudini, 3-D effects, gore galore. Richard Band writes serious, intense work for orchestra. Numerous desert sequences inspire Band to create dry, arid material for strings with degree of transparency. Percussion, brass add jabs of terror while challenging strings, reverberating pizzicato effects keep listener on edge throughout. Lean and mean! Complete score presented in stereo from 1/2" 3-track session masters. Richard Band conducts.SOLD OUT
Track Listing
01. Prologue (3:27)
02. Secret Lab (3:47)
03. Parasite Inside! (3:26)
04. The Silver Container (1:59)
05. The Second Parasite (2:27)
06. Escape Route (1:53)
07. Wolf the Merchant (2:01)
08. Hot Desert (4:50)
09. Ricus (1:24)
10. Dean and Patricia (0:46)
11. Parasite Grows (3:13)
12. Denouement (6:45)