Papillon - Expanded Score - Jerry Goldsmith

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This French edition adds 10 minutes to Silva Screen's previous release and is well worth seeking out. Extras include the utterly charming Catching Butterflies (one of the best moments in the film and sorely missed on the original release) and the surprisingly lovely vocal version of the main theme, Toi qui regarde la mer. Given Goldsmith's track record of spin off songs, I rather expected it to be horrible, but it is actually wonderful and a delightful bonus, capping off one of his finest and most underrated scores - SOLD OUT.
Track Listing
1. Theme from Papillon (2:15)
2. The Camp (2:59)
3. Reunion (4:35)
4. New Friend (2:05)
5. The Dream (1:12)
6. Freedom (3:57)
7. Catching Butterflies (1:32)
8. Gift from the Sea (6:46)
9. Arrest (2:09)
10. Theme from Papillon (Short Version) (1:45)
11. Antonio's Death (2:28)
12. Cruel Sea (1:28)
13. Hospital (3:49)
14. Survival (5:24)

Bonus Track
15. Toi qui regarde la mer, Nicoletta (3:13)
Total duration: 45 minutes